Koh Sukorn, Trang, Thailand
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  do nothing
  Beach Lo Yai, Sukorn Island

Very popular activity in our resort is ‘do nothing’:
deckchairs, umbrellas, sunbeds are waiting for you to lazily
relax, sun-bath, swim(equally good at low- and high-tide!),
enjoy the sounds of the sea and waves.
Soak in the beautiful views over the Andaman Sea towards the
nearby, fantasyful shaped islands and enjoy the romantic colourful
sunsets direct out of your own deckchair...

For some action and exercise, our 600 meters long ‘hard sand
beach invites for long airy walks and jogging along the surf in
a cooling seabreeze.



½Day longtailboat-trip from ca. 08H30-13H30 for sightseeing and snorkeling to 03 islands: the twin-islands Koh Laoliang and the unhabited Koh Takiang.

Good snorkeling with soft- and hard-corals and abundant colourful fish. High cliffs, white sand beaches and crystal clear waters.

On board life-vests, snorkels, masks, towels, pic-nic snack, drinking water. Always with 02 local experienced boatmen. Price THB 850,= per person incl. park fee, min. 04 pers.


Private tour with tuk tuk(=incl.) from ca. 09H00-12H00 with a local
Sukorn guide to see, learn and understand more about countryside Sukorn island life and lifestyle.

Visit a rubber-plantation to see how latex is 'tapped' from the trees, how to make the rubber mats, visit Sukorn island's small local shrimps- and crab-markets, see many kinds of fresh fish brought in by the local fishermen.

En route visit the villages, schools and different beaches, mosques, health centre, viewpoints, fresh water reservoir, etc. Price THB 400,= per person, min. 02 pers.

  Fishing trip

½Day longtailboat fishing-trip from ca. 08H30-13H00 with on board life-vests, drinking water, pic-nic snack, fishinglines, hooks, bait.
Fishing “out of the hand”. Always with 02 local experienced boatmen. Price THB 2.750,= per boat, max. 04 persons.

Bicycles ½day / 5 hours B 150.-
semi-automatic motor-bikes ½day / 5 hours B 250.-
automatic motor-bikes ½day / 5 hours B 350.-
Kayaks free of charge
Thai Massage (1 hour) B 300.-
Foot Massage (1 hour) B 300.-