Koh Sukorn, Trang, Thailand
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About Koh Sukorn, Trang Province, Thailand

" Koh Sukorn is the new destination in Southern Trang Province, far from the crowds "

Welcome on Koh Sukorn !!

Koh Sukorn Island in southern Trang Province is Thai countryside. The island offers a quiet and laid-back atmosphere, an ideal get-away for those seeking to avoid the busy tourist centres. The few resorts can only accommodate a handful of tourists. On Koh Sukorn locals largely outnumber the visitors !

To visit Koh Sukorn means sharing the island with these 500 friendly, welcoming and warm-hearted Sukorn-families(ca. 2.800 inhabitants), who live in 4 villages, mainly working as fishermen and (rubber-) farmers.

There are only a few pickup-trucks and cars and on the island, transportation mainly by foot, tuk tuk and (motor)bike(-taxi).

Sukorn Island, 4 x 8 kms, is rather flat, 2 hills reach 150 meters.

On Koh Sukorn’s West-side are the best beaches, very good for relaxing, sun-bathing and swimming. The scenery and views over the Andaman Sea towards the nearby islands are beautiful with stunning and colourful sunsets.

Besides enjoying the sea, beach and sun, there is more to do!

Koh Sukorn’s infrastructure is extremely good and the many new (cement-)roads let you visit every corner of the island: perfect for exploring Thai countryside during walking- and (bicycle/motor)bike-trips.

Admire the islands ‘green’ nature, spend some time at the always busy boat-piers, visit the unspoiled mangrove-forests with many birds, viewpoints overlooking theAndaman Sea, learn about rubber-processing and how rubber-latex is ‘tapped’ from the trees.

See the still freely roaming groups of waterbuffalos, try the tasty Sukorn watermelons.

Be welcome to visit the 02 schools and the small crab-market, watch squid, shrimps and many other species of fresh fish arriving with the local fishermen on the many beaches(delicious fresh seafood !).

For snorkeling you can join the excellent longtailboat trips to the nearby Koh Takiang and the beautiful twin-islands Koh Laoliang.

You can reach Koh Sukorn ofcourse from the mainland, but also arrive by longtail boat direct from other nearby islands Koh Bulon Lae, Koh Libong, Koh Kradan, Koh Ngai and Koh Mook.

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